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14 Bis rue Daru, 75008 Paris
ORCHAPE: Belgium
51, rue Van Eyck, 1050 Brussels
Phone: +33 (0) 1 40 55 40 40
Fax: +33 (0) 1 47 63 07 64

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Welcome to ORCHAPE, the oldest hunting agency in Europe


Since 1958, ORCHAPE has been organizing international hunting trip all over the world. With more than 5 decades of experience, it is recognized to be one of the most exclusive sporting agencies in Europe. Based out of Paris, our team caters to a demanding clientele looking for emotions, unforgettable souvenirs and need to fulfill their dreams.

Whether one wants a big game hunt in Africa or a woodcock and snipe shoot on a private island in Scotland we are dedicated to make your dreams come true.



Although we do have an emphasis on European countries, we have an extended network of local hunting organization with which we work. Starting with Ireland where we began in 1958, ORCHAPE sends people to more than 20 countries every year to hunt big game as well as small game. Here is a list of countries we work with: Ireland, Scotland, England, Poland, Spain, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Chad, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Hungary, Argentina, Alaska, Turkey, France, Bulgaria…


In 2007, ORCHAPE teamed up with BROWNING to offer a unique partnership to supply hunters with shotguns and rifles when they travel. The concept of “BROWNING PARTNER LODGES” came to fruition to answer the need of clients to avoid hassle when they travel. Thanks to BROWNING, ORCHAPE’s clients have access to B525 shot guns and XBolt rifle when they travel in Argentina, Spain, Chad, Burkina Faso, France and Hungary.

Because each hunt is a journey and not only a trip, we strive to satisfy our client’s need with professionalism and discretion. From booking a hunt to organizing the logistic of each trip, we offer clients the service they need to complete a successful hunt.


Our motto in French is: “La Nature, des Hommes, des Passions, des territoires” which literally translates: “Nature, mankind, passions and territories”.

The entire ORCHAPE team invites you to discover what international hunting is all about!

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